26 September 2010

Melbourne Walkabout - 随拍墨尔本 2/2

15 Sept 2010...

Just something to add on....
Melbourne always a nice city to walkabout. Well manage environment, fresh air, nice weather(two times CH went there were late autumn and early spring). Lot of fine and nice restaurant, bookstore and shops, lot of people likes to drink coffee, so when tired, just have a sip of coffee alongside the street. Most shop closed at 5.30pm, and the street turned into a peaceful and silent city. And most of the time CH spend the night of Melbourne with a lengthy and relaxed dinner with a bottle of Sparkling Shiraz! Then the next morning wake up early and head to the market again....
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25 September 2010

Melbourne Walk-about 随拍墨尔本 1/2

10th Sept 2010...

Since this was the second time visitting Melbourne, wanted to spend more time enjoy the atmosphere walking-about in Melbourne. Decided to do only casual shooting. Saw what were nice, and just shoot it. Never think too much, though, more enjoyable.

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24 August 2010




More to come after everything been confirmed.

21 July 2010

When Semerak and Tun Razak met.