29 April 2008

Pattaya with Company trip

7 March 2008...

4.30am Morning CH & Luna already woke up and rush to LCCT for their flight to Bangkok. The feeling of boarding airplane at the airport always so exciting although still very sleepy.

After 2 1/2 hr flight, CH and gang reached the Bangkok Airport. Before proceed to any place, a lunch is a must.

First Tom Yam Gong in this Thailand trip. CH found that the Malaysian Tom Yam is more sour and spicy. This is may be Malaysian "amplified" the flavour to make this tom yam special to make it attractive.

Seafood Salad(or seafood Jam, which mean seafood mix in Thai). Delicious, but very spicy.

Fish cakes with sweet chilli dipping.

Pandan Chicken - Deep fried Chicken wrapped in pandan leave.

After lunch, CH & gang take another 2 hours coach to Pattaya. The road to Pattaya really jam, but luckily for a short distance only. Before reaching pattaya, the tour leader drop CH & Gang at the Sirahca Tiger Zoo.

Piglet getting breast fed by tiger, &

Crocodile satay are selling all around the Zoo @ 100baht for 5 stick. Crocodile meat just taste like finer version of chicken meat. Try it!

At this booth. Remember to drink lot of water, the crocodile meat is very heaty.

After crocodile meat eating, CH & Gang went to watch crocodile show. Can see the performer put his head into crocodile mouth? Children underage please don't imitate it whereas adult above age of 18 can try to imitate it.

After the show, it took another 30 minutes to the hotel. After the wash up and some relax with some chardonnay, CH & Luna re-energized for night outing. Again, before any activity, a dinner is a must.

Luna found this holy elephant statue in front of the restaurant.

FYI, every lunch and dinner menu arranged by the tour package were the same from the beginning until the end of the journey.

After the dinner, CH & Gang went to the hankie pankie "spider" show, the upgraded version of "tiger" show. The "spider" show is very famous nowadays, CH & gang queued for 30 minutes before entering the show. The show was showed on rotation basis. There're around 15 theme of show, you will go in in the middle of any show, and then watch until back to the show you watching at the beginning. If you feel like watching one more round or N more round, you can sit until all the performer dropped.

Some theme of the show:

1) Sauna bathing & Body massage (pity volunteer)

2) Spiderman & spider women

3) Pretty Ladyboy show (lucky at the begining & pity at the end volunteer)

4) My way - Elvis Presley, with open-stick

5) Hit the drum with banana

6) The fit-youngman hulahoop show

7) Pretty lady and handsome man's project show.

8) My heart will go on - Do it herselves show.

9) Ordinary multi lady stripping show

10) Kylie Minogue - Can't get you out of my head dance show.

11) (can't really remember all of them)

One corner of the Pattaya second street selling various kind of fruits.

The main street right beside the beach. Various stalls all along the street. CH & Luna love this feel.

After a noisy but peaceful walk. CH & Luna already tired and went back to Hotel for a good night sleep.

8 March 2008...

The next day morning immediately after breakfast, CH & gang were transferred to a speedboat to Coral Island - Koh Lan.

When they're on the way to the island, they were dropped to a Kelong(floating platform) and queue for parachuting.

CH found that the parachuting cost RM35 for a 1 minute's ride.

On the photo below can see Paul's daughter descending.

After that they continue on the speed boat to Coral Island.

Sunshine boy and girl

All along the coral island beach can find these stuff. The freshly steamed seafood.

Try the crayfish with the spicy chilli sauce

Before leaving the island

After lunch and some rest, CH and group were brought to the Nong noch cultural village to watch the cultural show &

Elephant show.

Do you dare to let the elephant come to this close?(This is the elephant mouth)

Elephant giving hangkie pangkie massage to the volunteer.

CH with onee of the big elephant.

From this picture can see how close the relation of the staffs there with the elephant.

The two above weren't as boring as CH thought. Luckily they didn't skip this tour.

Nice aquarium at the entrance of the park. Luna with the sting-ray fish.

Aftet the show, the group was brought to the gun shooting shop, to have some shooting experience.CH tried the Smith & Wesson, 38mm. But non of them kena the aim. =.=

Before dinner, they went to watch the Caberet show. And actually all the performer are either male, or female transformed to male(ladyboy). As watching the show, CH kept doubting that there must be some real lady in the show, coz most of them really pretty, either face or body. And their show really achieving the international standard.

This was the final show, and CH loves this show the most.

Taking photo with this ladyboy costed CH 100Baht. Is he pretty? sui jing jing nong yai yai : p

So... That's all for the pattaya trip. CH still miss Pattaya a lot since it was a happening place and full with surprise!

Remember what the tour guide told them:"Open your eye, open your mind!"

Some basic and useful phrase to be applied in Thailand:
1) kao rai kaa* = How much
* kaa for female, and krap for male
2) Sawadikaa = hello, good morning(usual greeting)
3) Paenkh = Expensive
4) zai yen yen = slowly, no rush
5) kin kau = eat rice
6) bao bao noi = softer(apply this when massage)
7) suwaidimai = how are you
8) hotng nam = toilet
9) sui jing jing = pretty
10) nong yai yai = breast big big (apply this phrase carefully)

Good day!

28 April 2008

CAFF Italian Ristorante

26th April 2008....

Today, CH's old friend - Woody is back to KL, and CH let him make decision for dinner. Woody said that his tongue craving for pasta, olive & pizza! That's it, the italian food!

CH got to know one good, yet economy italian food from his food hunter sister, which is CAFF, situated in the heart of Bandar Puteri Puchong, which is behind the breadstory.

The first appetizer: Caesar Salad. Salad consists of romaine lettuce, chicken & turkey ham, bird egg and dressing. The ingredient is muh less than original recipe, but this salad taste fantastic!
Second appetizer: Tomato Bruschetta. Fresh tomato cube with dressing(in black, dunno what is that, tasteless) on toasted bread. Nothing fantastic with the tomato, but the bread is good.
First main course: Cream Turkey Ham. This stuff taste good. The cream really creamy and tasty but it won't make you feel greasy at all.
Ah yang having this cream seafood spaghetti. Thick and flavour-ful but greaseless sauce.
Mighty Woody having common Bolognese spaghetti.
The final dessert is the strong recommendation by CH - Apple Pizza, the pizza with apple.
CH never knew that there's such a good combination between apple, cheese, cinnamon and pizza. The fragrant of the apple really emitting and goes into the cheese and pizza. Coffee with Apple Pizza, what a perfect combination.

Total for the above bill is RM103.00 including 4 ice peace tea, which is quite reason for the amount of food they had.

23 April 2008

Penang Seafood at Teluk Kumbar "Good Friend" - 好友

11th April 2008....

Today is the second day of visit to Penang. The leader decide to buy us a sumptous dinner for effort in ISO audit. CH & colleague were brought to this famous chinese seafood restaurant at Teluk Kumbar. The restaurant is a simple wooded house, which has around 40 tables, but it seems to be full all the time. The restaurant name is "Good Friend" - 好友, located at the seashore of Teluk Kumbar. Occasionally CH & colleague can smell the sea breazing.

CH's 3 colleagues already hungry and can't wait for the seafood to be served.

First dish: Steam Stingray in Teow Chew Style. CH guess not much people tried this before. Most of the people have this stingray in grill style.

Second is the stir fried bamboo shell in "gong bou" style. CH until today still thinking why the bamboo shell is oval in shape, and not in cylinder shape.

This is a must try: Sauceless Satay @ 70 sen per stick. It is tastier then a satay with sauce.

This is the stall selling the satay.

The restaurant was over crowded and parking space was in a mess, when people going back, the restaurant staff need to use the amplifier to call out the car owner to move their car.

Third is the Lala(shell) cooked in herbal soup. CH recommend everybody to ask the cook to cook it with additional one crab.

Fourth is the deep fried sotong. The sotong was nicely fried, which makes the sotong meat just nice and soft to bite.

Fifth is the fried small mantis prawn in "kam heong"(dry chilli) style. Actually CH wanted to order the steam big mantis prawn, but the restaurant already sold out the big mantis prawn.

CH actually ordered the crab cook with cheese and salted egg york. But it seem too slow to be served and one of CH's colleague rushing to airport. At last CH gave up the crab. Next time wish that CH can taste it again.

All the above only cost RM 110.00 excluding the satay, and including 10 glasses of soft drinks and food for 8 person. It was very cheap. No wonder the crowd never seem to be reducing.

22 April 2008

Kau Jam, Kaw Jam, Kau Yam, Kaw Yam, "Cow Jump" - The rice that can even make the cow jumps!

22 March 2008....

Previously CH already introduced about the mouth-watering kelantan food "kau jam". Today, after the Woody MIA(Missing in action) incident, CH get to know Woody auntie better and she offered to cook us the kau jam for appreciating us for assisting her in searching of woody.

Let's CH explain kau jam in more detail. Kau Jam is a Thai word, the "kau" means rice, and "jam" means mix. The combination of "kau jam" means mix rice, in "scientific" term, they will call this chlorophyll rice. The rice is cooked with 7 kinds of herb juice, which makes the rice green in colour. The rice will be mixed with several vegetable like bean sprouts, cucumber, and long beans, red onion, fried minced coconut, and lemon grass(serai). The rice will be topped with Budu and then we can start to mix it(jam). The kau jam taste much better after it "jam" with steam kembung fish or fried ikan kuning.

* Budu - a kind of pickled fish sauce which similar to "cenceru"(pickled shrimp sauce). Budu is a fish version. Budu is to add with lime juice, chopped-chillis, and red onion before it served to mix with kau jam. Sour manggo is another option.

Typical ingredient of kau jam:

Typical 1 portion of kau jam:
CH strongly recommends to serve it with keropok(deep fried fish biscuit). Try it!

Luna said:"It taste better by eating using your hand"

What a fascinating and friends-unioning dish! Haphappypy eat kau jam! kin kau jam pai nai!

Thousand of Thanks to Auntie Pauline!