04 January 2009

X'mas Eve countdown party at SS2 house

24th December 2008...

This year (2008) X'mas countdown finally organised successfully, thanks to everyone for participating this party.

The party was catogorized into 3 areas:
Food area - Potluck styled. The food looked very little but actually much more than what you see, especially the Roast Turkey.

Beverage and snacks corner.

Gaming and Karaok corner. Looks so grand.

Then they started serving themselve with the food. Please take note at the top left corner of the picture.

These were the x'mas present brought by them for after-countdown gift-exchange sesison.

The party went on with story-telling session. Everyone drew their title of the story and they're required to tell the story on the title they'd drawn. Thanks to Luna for sorting out this joyful activity.

And the x'mas countdown party carried on until late night(or early morning) with some "illegal" activity.

Sad to announce that some of the usual sampat members coundn't attend today's party. Eddy, Furby, Ling Zhi, with your participation, CH's sure that this party would be more joyful. May be see you guys again next year. Merry Christmas everybody!

01 January 2009

Sri Hartamas 的住家面店

23 December 2008...

最近振鸿的胃口偏向于面条,今天也不例外。今天就去一去Sri Hartamas的槟城面条专卖店吧。
就是这家。振鸿到现在也还不知道他叫什么名字,只知道它坐落于Sri Hartamas True Fitness隔壁的旧式住家。大家如果在它店吃东西的话,就可享受免费停车。