31 January 2008

White House Roti Bakar

31 January 2008...

Immediately after CH and Luna alight from the airplane at 9.30pm, CH asked daddy to bring them to the Malaysia Famous Roti Bakar @ White House. CH knew this Roti Bakar is famous in Malaysia since most Malay friends of CH told CH about this restaurantt when they knew CH is from Kelantan. Don't talk much, let's CH and Luna go figure out why this roti bakar so famous.

The half-boiled egg. The egg is nicely and evenly boiled. The egg choosen were a good quality egg which has very big egg yolk.

The half-boiled egg with unique soysauce. Yummy, CH couldn't wait anymore to penetrate the egg yolk, and let it mix with the unique soysauce.

The Roti Bakar, bakar by the charcoal, and it is totally manual-baked. The bread is thick and chewy. Splash the butter and kaya as thick as you like and start your feast! You'll find the butter is cold and butter-ful.
How the Kelantanese eat this Roti: Dip it with the mixed half-boiled egg. Try it!

Try the local Nasi Lauk(White rice ith fish curry) and Nasi Lemak(Rice cooked with coconut milk). You will find they are different from KL one.

The historic White House roti bakar stall next to the Kota Bharu historic area.

30 January 2008

Pre CNY Lunch @ Tai Thong Subang

30th January 2008…

CNY is just around the corner. CH and his colleague went to Tai Thong at Subang Jaya for lou-sang and lunch. Sorry to Eddy for can’t join us because he worked overnight yesterday and getting off for today. Eddy please takes a good rest.

First to come before the main course is the 7-colored Salmon Lou-sang. Their lou-sang taste good. The crispiness, sourness and the sweetness mixture were just nice. CH likes it very much.

Second is the Fried Ostrich with Black Pepper, Garlic flakes and yao-zha-guai. The Ostrich meat is very soft and full with black pepper and garlic flavor. The Yao-zha-guai CH took it as snack while waiting other dishes to be served.

Third is the Seafood Pot. The sea cucumber, dried oyster, shellfish, Dried rolled bean curd, Broccoli and shitake mushroom. The sauce is full of sweetness of the sea, is best to eat the sauce with white rice.

Forth is their Home-made Tofu. The tofu is outstandingly soft and it is egg-based tofu.

Fifth is the steamed Sabah 斗昌 with soy sauce. The fish meat is soft and slippery.

Final is the 奶白(mini Chinese cabbage) with fried ikan bilis. CH didn’t know much about this little Chinese cabbage, but according to CH’s colleague, the cabbage is overcooked.

CH didn;t know how much the food costed, since got someone belanja. Thanks to the one who belanja! Gong Xi Fatt Chai to him/her.

27 January 2008

Restoran Peranakan @ One-U

26 January 2008....

Tonight TTT and Fishies gang going to watch the Movie Sweeney Todd. Due to raining outside, TTT decided to have their dinner inside One Utama.

Actually they wanted to try the nyonya food at Charms, but the shop was closed on that day, therefore, they changed their destination to another Nyonya restaurant at Restoran Peranakan.

CH ordered the Lima Margarita(non-liquor) for drinks. Try to taste the Margarita with the salt on the peripheral of the glass. CH was surprised that this Margarita was good without tequila.

First to come is Chicken Ponte, the chicken cooked with anis, potato and black soy sauce. This dish is similar to the old folks dish in Kelantan called "Hong-bak", which mean "closed-meat".

Second, this was neither the potato leaf neither Kang kong, but this was Paku, the Stir Fried Fungus Vegetable with Belacan. Luna's favourite.

Third was the Sweet Sotong, the Deep fried sotong with Sweet sauce dressing.

Forth was the Lemak Prawn, the Prawn cooked in the lemak-ful curry with Pineapple.

Fifth was the Curry Fish Fillet. Good, but CH still think the chinese can cook this dish better, hehehe..

Final was the Braise Tou-fu with Minced Chicken and Sweet Sour sauce.

The food in this restaurant is better than average. CH recommends the Paku and Chicken Ponte. If anyone need to try other Chicken Ponte, CH would recommend him to try in Melacca.
The bill is RM151.00. It is still reasonable. Everyone totally get full with all above mentioned dishes.

Little Vietnam's Soup Rice

25 January 2008...

Friday is not a working day. That's why CH today slipped out from HQ and go to Mid Valley to visit the Property Exhibition at MVEC. CH took lunch at Little Vietnam at 3rd floor of the mall with his friend working at Centre Point.

Since these few days CH keep eating a lot of meat, he is looking for a more light food. CH ordered the Minced Chicken Soup Rice. Rice with mixture of soup cooked with minced chicken, vege, Husked lotus and preserved chinese cabbage. The soup is clear but it is full with flavour of chicken and preserved chinese cabbage. CH love this meal, since it is light, but yet can satisfy his stomach with the warm soup.

CH's friend ordered the Vietnamese Rice with Mix Vege. It is a rice together with assorted vege, like husked lotus, celery, lettuce, star fruit and peanuts, and a bowl of soup which to be mixed into the rice.

After the meal, can have the Three Colours, actually is a cendol in different presentation.

With less than RM10 per head, CH can has this meal as lunch. Anyone working in Mid Valley can consider this light and healthy meal for lunch.

26 January 2008

Kanna Nasi Daun Pisang @ JLN Gasing

27 January 2008...

2 of TTT and 3 of Fishies Gang decided to go to have Banana Leaf Rice for lunch today after their morning exercise at FRIM, Kepong.

TTT brought the gang to one of the famous Nasi Daun Pisang at Jln Gasing, Kanna Nasi Daun Pisang, which is opposite of KWSP PJ. The restaurant was crowded, but CH like it. TTT found that the staffs of the restaurant were very friendly and helpful. They would rather served the thing you wanted before you asking for it. CH gives compliment to this shop, unlike most of the Nasi Daun Pisang shop in the town, services is bad, and act arrogant to the customer, especially at Brickfield.

Three meat dishes: Masala Mutton, and curry mutton and curry shrimp. Mutton nicely cooked.

Clockwise from Top: Appadam, Dry Bitter Grout and Chilli, Mint Sauce, Pickled Lime sauce, Steamed Rice, Fish Cake, Spicy Fried Mix Vege, and Cucumber Salad.
Try this heaty meal with this chilling Mango Lassi, good for digestion as well.

The food here is good. The Mutton is nicely cooked, and there're lot of side dishes for the Nasi Daun Pisang. TTT were 5 person there and the bill was RM52.00. It is a little expensive than average, but CH still think it worth for the price since the restaurant wasn't selfish at all for the flow of curry, rice, and vege.
P/S: Try the mouth washing snack at the counter when you paying the bill.

Wong Poh Crab @ Dataran Prima

23 January 2008....

Today TTT and Fishies gang decided to reward themselve with a good dinner after losing their energy today morning bicycling at Bukit Cahaya Park. Just for your prior information, TTT and Fishies just has a KFC for their lunch, but they seem this didn't help much.

They decided to have crab! Tyng from Fishies brought the gang to the famous Crab & seafood restaurant, Wong Poh at Dataran Prima, PJ.

The restaurant was crowded. But TTT always loves to go to crowded restaurant. Coz crowded restaurant always proves three things:
1) Food is good
2) Service is good
3) Price reasonable

First come to the Stir Fried "Yao mak" with garlic. The Yao Mak is similar to Kailan, the different is the leaf of the Yao Mak is longer.

Second come to the Homemade Beancurd with the mushroom gravy. The Flavour of the homemade toufu is quite unique and CH loves it.

Third is the Guiness Stout BBQ Pork Rib, CH didn't manage to take the photo.
Forth is the Big 4 Kings, which is stir fried the Petai, LadyFinger, Eggplant and Longbean with sambal belacan.

Fifth is the Crab cooked with Salt duck egg. CH first knew this kind of style of cooking at the Kepong Crab shop. This shop cook this dish with too much sugar mixture. Anyhow, CH still love this dish.

Final dish is the Crab cooked with cheese in claypot. CH already fall in love with this dish after he tasted the cheesy gravy. The cheese perfectly cooked with the curry leafs. The flavour of the cheese and curry leaf mix thoroughly into the crab meat, made the crab taste wonderful. TTT order 4 "mantou" to dip with the cheesy gravy so not to let go any drop of the gravy. CH gives 5-star to this dish. Yummy yummy.

The total bill of the dinner was RM223.00. Average RM31 per person. It is still reasonable with such amount of crabs we ordered. Anyway, credit gives to the patient and friendly boss of the restaurant.

23 January 2008

Shih Lin Taiwan Snack and Big Apple Doughnut @ One-U

22 January 2008…

Before CH and his dear going to cinema, his dear suggests to take Shih Lin Taiwan Snack as dinner.

Shih Lin Taiwan Snack is a small fast food stall at One-U old wing(in front of TGV cinema). It imitate the Taiwan famous night food market at Shih Lin. Shih Lin is selling the famous Taiwan Oyster Meesua, Chicken Chop, Seafood Tempura and Egg Crepe. There’re only 4 types of food selling over the stall, but everytime CH visits there, there must be a long queue. The seating place is limited and quite narrow there because it try to imitate the true way of eating culture in Shih Lin night market, and most of the customer is take away.

1) Oyster Meesua – Meesua with sticky oyster soup with 3 oyster and celery. The Oyster is CH’s favourite.

2) Seafood Tempura – The seafood wedges which made of squid, fish and prawn with spicy powder. The mixture of seafood and flour made this stuff chewy and full with seafood taste, and credit gives to the spicy powder.

3) Egg Crepe – Crepe with chicken floss and egg with sweet sauce. The crepe is crispy, milky and butterly. This crispy stuff become perfect after topped with the sweet sauce(similar to kaya).

After this quick but satisfying dinner, CH is looking for some sweetie for dessert. There he sees the Big Apple Doughnut. CH is wondering whether this Big Apple is the same with the J-Co or not since both of them attract quite lot of customer and their packing is similar. CH bought the original and almond doughnut. The crispiness and sweetness of the doughnuts are just nice, and taste excellent. This might be one of the best doughnuts CH tasted. Anyway, CH yet to try out the doughnut @ J-Co.

Woody KT Keropok Lekor

20 Jan 2008..

Today, a very best friend of TTT, Woody, brought the famous Terengganu's Keropok Lekor from his hometown Kuala Terengganu. According to Woody, he bought ten ringgit of the Keporok. CH thaught it was just very little of it, and should be served after meal until he was told by Woody that The Keropok Lekor cost 20 sen per piece, one piece is about 1 foot long. He totally bought 50 piece of it!

Keropok Lekor is already one of the local snack since CH was young. CH always been asking his uncle from Terengganu bought the Keropok Lekor for him, with specified store: "007", which is after the before the bridge leaving Kuala Terengganu.

Keropok is made of unwanted staled fish (Yee~), with some mixture of flour and sago. But anyway it is still local resident’s (and CH’s) favourite.

Thank to Woody for frying the Keropok all along the session for us. Though Woody was quite disappointed with his skill of frying the Keropok which the Keropok became too crunchy and lost the chewy feel on the Keropok. Please don’t feel discourage Woody, we still love the Keropok fried by you very much. If you wanted to try another session to improve your skill, we don’t mind to be your taster again, hehehe…

This is the Keropok Lekor, in Hokkien, we call it “gao sai”, which mean dog shit.

Good food always comes together with good sauce.

Another thing to mention, TTT gang successfully update their “thrown in the pool” list for additional 1 more person. Congrate to Furby.

18 January 2008

Seafood Porridge on the Way to Penang Airport

18 January 2008...

Today, CH is in Penang with his colleague from French. The French guy is leaving back to France later. On the way sending him to the Airport, CH & Manager bring them to the famous Seafood Porridge Shop at the left bank of the main road.

The shop is quite famous and always full with customer. They hardly find a place to sit. The shop is a wooden old shop, but yet the shop looks clean and tidy. There's tip in finding this shop: Try to notice the old-wooden shop with yellow colour light on your left when you're on the way to Penang airport. When you nearby the shop, you will see a lot of car parked along the roadside to the shop.

Before the "main course" - seafood porridge, they order some Penangese appetiser:
1) Toast with margarin and sugar. CH loves this very much. The toast is full with fragrance of margarin and when it is crunchy and sugar match perfectly with the margarin. CH rates this is one of the best toast he tasted after the "Roti Bakar White House" in his hometown at Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

2) The "Ju Hu Eng Chai" - Mix squid salad with water spinach, peanut and sweet prawn paste. Always a Penangese favourite.
3)The seafood porridge. Every customer has to go to the counter and choose the stuff he/she wants to cook with the porridge. They have choices of: sliced fish, fried fish head, big prawn, frog, fish maw, fish ball, bird's egg or squid. CH recommends prawn, frog and fish maw. The customer can choose either to cook with Porridge, noodle or rice noodle(bee-hun).
Time for tasting. The soup is very clear and refreshing, but yet very tasty with the stuff you choose. Especially the prawn, it is very big, stiffful, juicy and full with flavor of sea.
CH & Gangs order totally 6 nos. of porridge, 1 ju-hu-eng-cai, 2 piece of toast and 6 glass of iced Longan. All this costs them RM130.00. It is expensive! But yet there're so many people visiting this place, so you can imagine how good is the Porridge over here. CH recommend everybody to try this place at least once.

17 January 2008

Scotland Episode IV

8 August 2005...

St. Andrew Market Street - 56°20'24.88"N 2°47'33.76"W
*Market Street

TTT wake up around 8am today morning. It’s been 3 days that TTT didn’t really take a “true” bath. While they taking a pee in the toilet by the beach, TTT found that there’s a water tap in the toilet room, and they decided to, hehehe… Take a bath there!
(Actually British/European do not like people to use water in toilet room because of their weather is cold, once the floor is wet, it will be a hard time to make it dry. I bet you can’t find a water tap around the toilet bowl in Europe. So if anyone need water in toilet, please bring yourself a container with a pipe.)

TTT starts to take turn to take bath. And Wow!! The water is chilled! But no choice! TTT have to carry on and finish their bath in shortest time.

CH taking pic after a good bath.

Wahh! TTT now really feel refreshing after a bath, although is not a relaxing bath! They went to the Market Street after that and have doughnut and coffee at Subway as their breakfast.

CH really loves this little street. All the shop and building over there is quite old, even the road is made by cobblestone. The shop is small, but you can find lot of thing there, especially souvenir, whiskey shop and golf equipment shop. TTT also take chance to top up their sundries at the little Tesco along the Market Street as well. Just for you information, St. Andrew is the place of origin of golf. (For Malaysian: Please try to find a golf-shaped whiskey in airport liquor shop next time, it is from St. Andrew).

TTT visit few places before leaving to next destination:
St. Andrew Castle

St. Andrew University of Golf

St. Andrew Catheral, just right opposite of Market Street - 56°20'22.97"N 2°47'23.09"W

After that TTT leaving St. Andrew around 11am and continue with their next destination – Dundee

Dundee – 56°27'39.10"N 2°58'10.86"W
* This is exactly where the Desperate Dan is.

After TTT pass through Tay Road Bridge and went into Dundee, TTT stop their car in city centre of Dundee and walked to the High Street(accidentally), which is the most happening place in Dundee, it is surrounded by Overgate shopping complex and City Square. There’s a bronze statue in the centre of the Square, which is Desperate Dan. Desperate Dan is the hero of local comic.

After taking some photo with Desperate Dan and City Square, TTT take a quick lunch: Green Giant Corn, Instant Spaghetti, Bread with Nutte Chocolate Jam(again), chilled Coke and continue their Journey to next destination: Stonehaven & Aberdeen.

Accidentally on their journey to Stonehaven, they went into a small town called Arbroath

Arbroath Abbey - 56°33'45.00"N 2°34'55.70"W

As they drive in the small town, they accidentally (again, yes, travel in Scotland is like that, it will give you a lot of surprise) saw the Arbroath Abbey. Arbroath Abbey was built 3500 years ago by Red sandstone. The architecture is full of holiness. In the gallery, TTT can viewed the Original Abbey in 3D computer generate model. It looked very real!

Stonehaven - 56°58'0.73"N 2°12'21.37"W

After that they continue their journey to Stonehaven. The journey was quite enjoying, since they’re driving all along the coast. The sea looks really blue, and the grass really green and neat if compared to Malaysia. After about 1 and half hour, they reach the Stonehaven. TTT can see that there’re quite numbers of tourist haven vacation there. And Stonehaven is quite comfortable. It is windy and can see lot of seagulls!

The TTT walk on one of the end of the “little jetty”

TTT didn’t stop long over there, they continue to go to Aberdeen.

Aberdeen - 57° 7'45.21"N 2° 6'2.06"W
* Duthie Park, place exactly where they have their dinner.

Though, not much tourist spot in Aberdeen. TTT guest Aberdeen is the City of Pentadbiran. Anyway, TTT manage to visit some place:
1) Aberdeen University

2) Duthie Park – TTT stop here for dinner. A nice place with a big rectangular pond and can seagull and birds, various kind of birds loafing around the pond.

After dinner, TTT continue their journey to next destination, Inverness.
Actually their journey going to be more interesting but TTT already exhausted by the rush journey. Aberdeen and Inverness is 103 miles away. TTT were also facing same problem as they’re in Dumfurmline, it was hard to find a way out of the city. When they found it, it is already quite late.

There’s one funny thing happened while they taking a stop for pee at road side, which the weather is quite cold outside. So CH decided to put the Scottish thermometer he bought at Edinburgh and measure the coldness of the area. But after they pee, CH totally forget about the thermometer and only after 30 minutes of their drive from the pee spot, CH only aware of it. Aiks… Better forget it, the sky is dark and there still long way to go for their journey. What a forgetful CH.

Keith - 57°32'35.86"N 2°57'5.60"W

After around 30 minutes ride, TTT reach a small town called Keith. They have a fish and chip as supper and pee then continue their journey. CH only found out today that Keith is the place of origin of Chivas Regal, the distillery just a 10 minutes walk away from where they eat their fish and chip. What a waste. Next time CH must go back visit there again.

To Cher Sheng & King Chye: Do you still remember this place?

Elgin - 57°38'58.21"N 3°19'8.54"W

TTT pass by a small town which full of historical heritage called Elgin. But it was already too late, TTT just have a quick photo and continue to Inverness.

When TTT reach Inverness, it is already 1.00am. TTT just stop their car infront of the Train Station and have a sleep. It was a good sleep for CH.

Today is another tiring journey for TTT, but TTT still don’t know what’s interesting stuff awaiting for them…..