26 December 2008

Sumptuous breakfast at Dome

27th December 2008...

Wah... Today after came back from the badminton session, CH felt so hungry. The hungriness makes CH thought of the breakfast he had on the Christmas morning in Ikano - Breakfast at Dome. The breakfast was really a nice one. Thanks to dear Luna for belanja-ing. CH really appreciates that.

Coffee is a must for CH. He had the Vienna.

The pancake, which usually can't have too much, but this one was soft and nicely done. It won't make you feel oily after having it. 95 pts!

Luna had the big breakfast. Grill Tomato, toasts, stir fried mushroom, 2 sunny side up, beef beacon, and 2 sausages. Yummy. (

22 December 2008

Restoran Okay 的云吞面

23th December 2008...

好的,又是吃午饭的时候了。今天振鸿要与大家分享振鸿刚刚发现一家还蛮不错的云吞面店 - Restoran Okay的云吞面。其实它就位于PJ ss2 Chow Yang 那里,也就是振鸿家附近。


15 December 2008

Uncle Seng's Handmade Noodle

14 August 2008....

Hmm... It's time for lunch(again). CH was really missing some nice noodle, so better pay a visit to this Uncle Seng's handmade Noodle to satisfy his crave on the noodle.

This was the second time CH came to this shop. This shop was introduced by Sally early on. Once CH tasted the noodle, CH decided to share this delicious noodle to everybody. Believe CH, it is worth trying.

The handmade noodle is think, "elastic" and "slippery". The sauce is light but flavourful. 95 pts!

Some publication already done on this shop.

Location : SS15 Subang Jaya.

08 December 2008

Meeting sampat frenz in Liverpool - day 2

11 July 2005....

After an early wake-up in the morning and a big bread with butter treat from yang yang & Eddy, they brought CH to the famous Maritme Musuem at Merseyside.

The Maritime Musuem displays all stuff related to maritime. Hey guys, did you know what were you siting on?

Some staue of the sailors

Infront of the Royal Liver Building. The British Ah Pek felt a little bit uncomfortable with the gang of sampat.

Over one of the jetty.

This is the 1:2000 modal of the Titanic.

Q: Guess what is this?

A: This is the light bulb of the light house.

Yang yang said this is the Captain Liverpool.

After that we walked to the Albert Dock. Romantic place to han around with friends and have a cup of coffee/tea.

After that they proceed to Liverpool Cathedral. Coincidently there's a graduation ceremoney held in this Cathedral. Therefore, they have chance to take picture with this General.

Inside the Liverpool Cathedral. What a magnificient view in the Cathedral.

Amazing crafting on the wall.

The statue lady looked like LZ.

In front of the Liverpool Cathedral.

Some grafitti can be easily found at the street of Liverpool.

With some Scottish bag-pipe players.

With the Sailor team.

In front of the Metropolitan Cathedral - One of the contemporary Cathedral in Liverpool.

The inner of the Cathedral also Modernl designed.

The sampat gang kacauing

07 December 2008

Meeting sampat frenz in Liverpool - day 1

9 July 2005....

After an 2 hour National Express bus ride, finally, CH and sampat Ling zhi reached Liverpool, where another group of sampat were staying and studying.

CH was amazing by the well-organising of the city and the archictectural deisgn of the building in Liverpool.

One of the sampat - Poh Khu Chai, a real Liverpool FC supporter.

In front of the Liverpool FC merchant store.

Some young and pretty British at the city centre of Liverpool.

Lazy Ling Zhi and the square at Liverpool city centre.

At the Albert Dock. The wind was strong and chilling.

And then they started to act unusual.

At the Merseyside, waiting for a ferry ride to West Kirby Beach.

Here they're. It was low tide. They could walk as far as they can. You can see several rock foundation created by nature - The wind and the tide.

CH at the middle of the beach.

Ops, they have had lot of funs until forgot time. They missed the last train. Luckily they met the stationmaster and the stationmaster specially arranged one train for them. Thanks to him!

06 December 2008

A (FOC) visiti to Lake District and Sellafield

22 July 2005...

Today CH is going to talk about his visit to the Lake District which located at the central region of UK. Er... to be more correct, their actual destination is the Nuclear technology research centre at Sellafield. Worth to be mentioned this trip was organised by his lecturer for Design, whichmean, CH and his coursemate didn't need to spend a penny for this trip. Thanks to his Design subject lecturer.... Mr... Stonecold(ops, sorry to him, forgot what is his name already).

A stopover at the rest station along the highway. This was one of CH's favourite activities in England. For every stop-by at the station, CH will sure go down to look for some local snacks to savour his bottomless mouth.

After about 3 hours(a long drive), here they reached the Lake District.

Picturesque scenery of Lake District.

Breath-taking scenery. The surface of the water was so calm and tranquil.

Film-killing scenery.

With his coursemate, Ah Chai bro.

CH's lecturer, Mr. Stonecold was socialising with his fellow students.

Why he was called Mr. Stonecold(from WWF), you may figure it out from this photo.

But actual his characteristic was totally opposite to the real Stonecold.

After some enjoyment, here we started our study on visiting the nuclear research centre.

Just finish one of the educational show.

Here they heading to the chimney of the nuclear power plant.

Alright, it's time to go home. This picture was taken on CH's way back home. The white dots in the picture is actually the sheeps.