26 February 2008

Food - KK Food trail Part 1

Hmm... greetings.
I've been missing in action from this blog for some time. So I've decided to share some nice nice foods I've tasted lately @ Kota Kinabalu (KK), Sabah. ^-^
First up:
KK's Koh Loh Mien (Dry Noodle) found at Kedai Kopi Sin Hong Kee. The shop is located the same row as King Park Hotel (opposite KK's immigration building, Wisma Dang Bandang). From what i understand, there were many version of dry noodle to be found in KK. This version of dry noodle's main attraction is the seafood soup which consist of fresh fish meat, fishballs, fried and non fried fish cakes, fish stomach, tofu, and some other fish intestine tat i cant recognise :p The soup base is Sechuan vege which blends perfectly with the seafood ingredients.
Price: RM8 per plate. (food price in KK is slightly higher than in the Peninsular) But it's something to try if you are here :)

Loh Mien (Stewed/Braised noodle) available at Fatt Kee Restaurant. It's in the middle of KK city, look for Kinabalu Daya Hotel. Fatt Kee is at the same row (end) below a hotel called Ang Hotel. This particular Loh Mien is very special. The noodle is stewed in white gravy where typical Loh Mien is stewed in black gravy. But most importantly, it tasts good! With some deep fried pork fats springkled on the noodle, the taste is just heavenly.
Price: RM8 (expensive? get used to it)
Nasi Lemak at Kah Soh restaurant. It's very near to Fatt Kee Rest. Just behind the next row. I personally love this nasi lemak coz the sambal is just sweeeeeeet! ^-^ I cant resist sweet sambal. They are just good :p The coconut milk rice is soft and smells good and they give alot alot alot of fried anchovies!!! Also a half cut hard boiled egg and sliced cucumber tat u can ask for any amount. I'm drooling now as I'm writing this. Maybe tonight I shall make a trip down town and have the tasty nasi lemak again ^-^
Price: RM1.50 for normal dish (finally!!!! something cheap in KK!!!), RM3.50 with a fried chicken
I think that is all for now. I've got some nice nice seafood to share with all. But give me some time lah. Kinda bz with work and travel lately ;)

Lucky Restaurant at Pantai Cenang in Langkawi

22 February 2008…..

The TTT big gang went to Langkawi today morning. It is a panic trip since everybody especially Eddy rushing from KK to check in the flight to Langkawi. The counter already closed. It is very luckily that Eddy manage to check in himself.

After casual eating and shopping in Kuah Town(buying cheap cheap tax free liquor), and rest at the 4-star Hotel Helang(quite good actually), TTT gang went to Pantai Cenang area to hunt for dinner.

There’re long row of shops and restaurants along the street by Pantai Cenang. TTT decided to go into this restaurant and has a try.

Ah Yang posting in front of Lucky Restaurant.(but he wasn't lucky that night, ngek ngek ngek!)

First dish, the big sea shell cook with gravy and dry chilli. The meat of the shell is varying from part to part. Some part very nice to bite and tasteful, but some isn’t.

Second is the Hot Plate Japanese Tou-fu. A normal Chinese dish.

Third is the Deep Fried Squid. The squid is nicely fried. The skin is crunchy and the meat is soft.

Forth is the Green Curry Chicken. The curry is good! But the chicken chest meat is disappointing. It is overcooked!

Everybody love the final dish, the Bangkok Style steam fish, the steamed Silver pomfret fish in SUPER spicy spice soup.

All the above dish plus two big jug of Chinese tea and one stir fried mix vegetable cost RM230. It is reasonable, and good for big group of family or friends to dine out.

25 February 2008

The Loaf in Langkawi

23 February 2008…

When TTT gang driving to the Langkawi Geopark(where the cable car is), they pass by The Loaf Japanese bakery shop founded by their former prime minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir. TTT been hearing that the bread in this shop is excellent. So, with any delay, they stop their car and rush into The Loaf.

The Mediterranean styled interior of the shop.

Can really remember the name of all the bakeries selling there. Anyway, every piece of the bakeries there are worth to try.

The pomme(apple)

Iced cappucino.

Ham & cheese

Crossaint with almond and dunno what the others piece named.

This is the "Baby Face"

Guess guess who is this?

The "custard with chocolate chips"
The bakeries selling in this shop are around RM3.00-8.00. It is little bit expensive than other shops, but it is worth trying. They have another outlet in Pavilion, KL.

20 February 2008

Beer, Wine and Liquor Collection 1.0

As everybody know, CH is a beer, liquor and wine lover. But please be noted that CH is not alchohol addicted. He love alchoholic drink because of the fragrant from the drinks and sensation when tasting the drinks.

Today, CH would like to share his photo of very very small collection of the alchohol related drinks.

1) The Tequila bottle taken at Las Carretas

2) Bottles Bottles of wine at fishies gang pillow talk party.
The Australian Chardonnay, German Riesling, and Australian extremely sweet wine(thanks to wen yaw). The German Dr. Zen Zen Riesling is so wonderful to drink! Must try!

3) The right-bank St. Emilion, second class Appellation Saint Emilion Grand Gru Controlee 2004. Very strong tannin and not yet mature, best to drink in another 4 years time. Remember to decant it!

4) The Moutan Cadet, forth class Bordeaux AOC 2004. CH not yet try it out.

5) See this kind of Henessy before?

6) The Cognac miniatature since CH's auntie got married, about 30 years ago.
7) Courtesy from CH's auntie.

8) CH's whisky collection.
From right: Highland Park single malt whisky(recommended by Michael Jackson), The Passport to Scotland, Teachers from Glasgow, Johnie Walker F1 edition, Southern Comfort recommended by KC, and the left most isn't Whisky, it is the Sauza Tequila.

9) CH's collection from KLIA.
From left: Irish Coffee Cream Liquor, Grappa from Italy, Jose Curvo Tequila, auntie's favourite Benedict DOM, London Gordon's Dry Gin, and Absolute Vodka Peach.

10)From left : 2004 Santa Andrea Carbenet Sauvignon, Burgundy Joseph Grouhin 2003, Canadian Ice wine(nice si), Australian Red Wine, Amarula Cream Liquor from Africa, another Africa Cream Liquor(CH's sis favourite), Rice wine from Bali, 80% alchohol STROH! CH bought it from Austria.

11) Small bottled Wine from Vietnam and Chillian Carmen.

12) Colourful Collection of Beers bottle. Thanks to Little Bear!

13) CH's small small miniature liquor collection.

14) Cork collected by CH. Wish it can grow into a big box :p

Furby Birthday @ King Crab

12 February 2008...

Tomorrow is Furby(from Fishies Gang) birthday. We decided to celebrate her birthday at the King Crab @ Kelana Jaya, and sambil perform a lou-sang for Chinese New Year.

Here is the 7-colored yu-sang. Chinese believe after performing lou-sang(mix all the ingredient terrificly) will bring good luck to the person who "lou" it.

King Crab theme dish is the crab, so we don't much about other thing except this deep fried egg-plant strongly recommended by CH.

Here is the sweet-sour sauce crab. Please order extra bun to dip with the sauce.

Next crab is the butter cream crab in Hotpot. Please order extra to dip with the butter cream sauce also. Anyway, CH rated the crab here ok only. May be CH didn't order the crab they specialize in.

After dinner, CH and gang went to Woody house to gamble until countdown for Furby birthday.

The god of gamble with the birthday girl.

The queens of gamble with birthday girl.

Furby unwrapping the birthday gift. See how happy she is. Hehehe...

19 February 2008

Teow Chew Meng Shark Fin Mee Shua

29 January 2008....

CH was brought by his manager to the Teow Chew Meng Shark Fin Mee Shua in Subang Jaya.

This restaurant selling delicious Shark Fin Mee Shua, Porridge and other Teow Chew delicacy. CH was surprised that the stuff stopped CH for taking photo. Anyway, CH still manage to "curi" to took the photo to share with all food lovers.

The Shark Fin Mee Shua is very delicious. It is light(again), but full with shark fin and seafood flavour. CH advise to served it with some drop of black vinegar.

The next one is the seafood porridge. Seafood porridge full with large sized seafood like prawn, squid, shellfish, fish, scallop and crabstick.

Anyway, CH loves Shark fin Meeshua more than seafood porridge.

Their porridge/meeshau selling RM10.00 per pax. Which is quite reasonable, since the ingredient they used is kind a sophisticated. Office boy or office lady can go there for a light and refreshing lunch.

14 February 2008

Valentine's Day @ Eyuzu Japanese Restaurant

14 February 2008....
Today is Valentine's Day. It is a special day for CH and his very dear Luna. CH already booked the awarded "Best Japanese Restaurant in Malaysia" at Eyuzu in Eastin Hotel, PJ one month ago.
CH and Luna reached the Restaurant at 7.00am. Dont talk much. Let's CH introduce the dishes they ordered.

The very kind restaurant served us the cold Sake to drink along the meal. Thanks to them for the pink rose as well.

The first one is the Kampachi(Amberjack) Sashimi @ RM70. The sashimi is very soft and the texture of the meat is very fine. When CH bite it, a lot of juice and taste of the Ambackjack exploits.

Next is the Sashimi Tuna with the Wasabi and Soysauce @ RM20. The Tuna Sashimi is juicy and the meat is nice to bite, but is much more rough compared to Amberjack.

Third is the Eyuzu Roll @ rm35. The deep fried Soft-shell crab rolled with seaweed, flying fish roe and mayonnaise. The soft-shell crab and flying fish roe is really fresh. It is tasty!

The night is falling. Outside the restaurant is the Japanese Garden to give the customer really Japanese dining atmosphere.

Forth is the Kinoko(mushroom) teppanyaki @ RM35. The mushroom is fresh and delicous, but the seasoning is a little bit over.

The inner atsmosphere of the restaurant.

This is Dear Luna's all time favourite. The Chawan-Mushi @ RM12. Luna says it taste good with the Maidenhair tree fruit.

Sixth comes to the Toufu Soup @ RM15. Nothing fantistic for the taste of the soup. It is really plain and light. But may be this is how the Japanese like it to be prepared. Anyway, the toufu taste special. Try to mix the toufu with soysauce.

Seventh Miso Shiru @ RM10. Taste good. Very strong of Yeast taste. Luna and CH like it.

The final one goes to the Teppenyaki Kobe Beef @ RM200. CH thinks everyone already know about the Kobe Beef. Kobe Beef is the beef from the black Tajima0suhi breed of Wagyu cattle, raised according to strict tradition in Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan. They feed the cattle with beer and sake, and apply daily massage to the cattle to get the result of tender meat. CH first time such a wonderful meat. The meat is astonishingly tender and no kidding, the raw part of the meat melt on the Tongue of CH and Luna, and the juice of the meat which full of fresh meat taste flowing and fats around their tongues. What a perfect meat!

Luna looks so happy after the Kobe Beef. As long as Luna is happy, CH will be happy as well.

After the meal, CH and Luna buy a bottle of Australian Chardonnay and enjoy their Valentine's Night at home. CH and Luna takes this opportunity to wish everybody Happy Valentine's Day! Especially to Eddy Tan and Furby. Hehehee...