30 December 2007

X-mas Countdown Party @ CH's house

Hi, is glad that this year(2007) x-mas countdown party still can be carried on at my house at Bandar Putra Permai like we used to do when I was still in 2nd year of my Advance Diploma at TARC.
This time we're practising "pot-luck" in American or "Bring-a-plate" in Australia which mean everyone bring their own food/snack/drink to be shared in the party.
I wish to take this opportunity to thank all my fellow frens for contributing their delicacies as following:
Luna & Mei : 2 variety of Pasta & Vege Salad
Woody & GF & Yali : Fruit Salad with Yogurt Dressing
Eddy & SioRu: Delicious Mint Cheese Cake and two bottle of Big Carlsberg
Ah Sien & Peggy: 2 Bottle of Red Wine, of which 1 bottle of them is finished up by sien himself
Jenson Chai: 1 Bottle of Chile PKNT Red Wine
LZ: Chekedis
Kathan Yang: Honeydew & Watermelon, which should be exist in covers one's eye and hit the fruit by the beach.
My sister: Her lovely Nono(cutie Shih Tzu doggie).
And finally me: Fried Chicken, ice-wine and Varieties of Liquors.
As usual, the plateux of the party still the "who lose, who drink" session. We always enjoy playing that since is very fun to see one drunken and started to talk loud, laugh loud, and bring the party to the hottest one. This time we manage to play the "huh-mieh", "007-biang!" and "one silly frog drop into the water, two silly frog.... bla bla bla..."

When the clock proceeding to 12 midnight, we had our mini-sized countdown session.Though it wasn't as noisy as bukit bintang or the curve, the countdown still going on with full of warmth and peacefullness.

After that is a gift exchange session. This time I've got the wooden deer-shaped greeting card holder, the deer which mean the gift is from little deer(SioRu). And wish everybody enjoy on the gift they got also.

The "who lose, who drink" still go on after that......

Until everyone becoming like this:

Anyway, we still manage to capture whole-family photo before everyone K.O.
After tonight we all still big big boys and big big girls. So wish everybody merry christmas! May your life full with joy and happy on what you will be in year 2008.!
Somemore photo taken on that night:

Eddy with Cutie SioRu

Two pervert gay fellows

Let me and Luna cheer up your christmas with this little mint cheese cake.

11 November 2007

Bali with Dear day-3

11 November 2007…..

Today will be the free and easy day for Luna and her dear CH. They naturally woke up at 10.00am and then went to have their cozy breakfast again.

Everybody already watch the Hotel at night, now CH took some pic for you all to see the Hotel at day.

From CH and Luna’s room. Wasn’t that Frangipani-full hotel?

From Lobby to the room & swimpool

Dear Luna with leisure attire.

After breakfast, Luna and CH went to walk around the Kuta Town and did some shopping. There’re plenty of stalls around the Kuta area. As a kind advise for everybody, please try to bargain for at least 30% discount before you buy a goods. There’s one alley opposite of hard rock hotel with tremendous amount of stalls selling various kind of souvenir, handicraft and clothes.

The picture took in front of one of the high-end hotel which has dictated sculpture on the wall.

After the shopping, CH and Luna went to have their lunch at Dulang, which is same row with Matahari complex. The Dulang restaurant served good nasi campur. CH recommends it. After lunch, CH and Luna went to Matahari complex to do their shopping again. There’s lot more souvenir and localities in the complex. CH and Luna bought a lot of peanuts in Matahari complex, since the peanuts in Bali is unique and fragrant.

It is already around 3.00pm, and Luna and CH already tired. It is a good time for them to go for a massage. CH & Luna went to the massage shop in the Discovery Mall. Though, they found that it wasn’t as good as the one they had opposite of their hotel.

They took a early dinner before they departing to Ngurah Rai Airport back to Malaysia.

Important: Remember to spare out extra 75,000 RP per person to be paid when you departing from Bali. CH and Luna tricked by this since they dun have anymore Rupiah. They paid with RM as much as RM50 per person at last.

The plane flew at 8.10PM…..

CH reach his KL, PJ’s home on 12.00am mid night. CH managed to take the photo of the goods they bought during the Bali trip. Wasn’t that a lot?

10 November 2007

Bali with Dear day-2

10 November 2007…

The second day of anniversary they woke up at 7.30am to have their breakfast. One of CH’s hobby is to have a cozy breakfast when he is traveling(except the breakfasts he had during the Europe trip, all very cold and very few choice only). Today they booked the trip to Bedugul and Tanah Lot.

When they’re on the way to Bedugul, the driver stopped them by a Barung Dance show. The entrance fee is RM17 per head. Is another must watch show of Bali Trip.

CH with the Barung(Mascot of kindness)

His dear Luna with the Hindu Statue

CH will recommend you to stop by some souvenir and silver shop on the way to Bedugul. Usually the driver will be very familiar with these shops. You will find that there’s big price different for similar souvenir. But CH found that the more pricy one usually worth for money since they will be more delicate if compare to the cheaper one.

After another 1 hour drive, the driver stopped CH and Luna at the famous buffet restaurant which cost around RM40 per head. The restaurant is located on the hill side which has the scenery of the the Ladder Paddy field. A lot of celebrity from Hollywood been to there, anyway, CH still think the food so so only.

Having tea at wind breezing hill side, what a enjoyment.

After lunch and another 10 minutes drive, they reached the Lake Beratan with the Temple on the Lake. Lake Beratan is located at north east of Bali. The surrounding of this place is very well decorated, The big lake on the highland surround by hill and in front of the lake is the botanical garden, a few minutes walk into the Botanical Garden is the Temple on the Lake. There’s some fruit stall infront of the entrance of the Garden selling varieties of local fruit, you can try it out!

Luna took pic in front of the entrance of Botanical Garden with her cutie attire.

CH and Luna with the famous “Temple on the Lake”.

After leaving the Lake Beratan, CH and Luna heading to the Signature tourist spot of Bali, Tanah Lot. Tanah Lot is located at the south west of upper Bali. It is around 2 hour from Lake Beratan to Tanah Lot. Another lengthy journey, though.

Blessing from the Priest.

Haphappypy couple with the Blessed Paddy on their forehead

CH and his dear with the Temple on the Sea @ Tanah Lot

The temple will look like floating on the sea when the tide rose. That’s why it was called Temple on the sea.

Sunset at Tanah Lot

After Tanah Lot, CH and Luna went back to their hotel. Today’s trip cost them RM160.

Luna taking pic at the swim pool area of the Hotel they staying.

The Hotel CH and Luna staying is the Green Garden Hotel. CH strongly recommends this hotel. The rate is cheap and simple, but yet the decoration for the Hotel makes the guest feels like home there. The Hotel is “plantful” especially the Frangipani. CH and Luna like it very much. Their services were excellent also.

After a good bath, CH and Luna went hunting for food again. The decided to have their dnner at a Warong at Legian Street which were still crowded although it’s already late. CH and Luna ordered Curry Chicken, Stir fried Vege, and Roast Pork with two Cocktail. Oh ya, Bali is a good place to try out varieties of cocktails. Their cocktails were cheap and there’re lot of choice. CH and Luna ordered Long island Iced Tea and Singapore Sling.

After dinner, they went to the Hard Rock Bali. CH and Luna impressed by their Margarita(although it wasn’t cheap). And CH ordered Mai Tai, which is quite good also.

The band performing that night. The female singer was a good singer and sexy with her long leg and short hair.

After 12 mid night Luna and CH already very tired, and went home to be a sleepy pig again!! zzZzzz...

09 November 2007

Bali with Dear day-1

9 November 2008…

CH and Luna have been falling in love for one year. For this special one year anniversary, CH wanted to share his passion of travel with his dear Luna at Bali. Due to some reason, Luna and CH been driving all night long before the departure and only had two hours sleep at Air Keroh (The reason can’t be told, or else, someone will twist CH’s ear : P). May this “incident” can be their sweetest memory for anniversary.

The airplane departed at 10.00am, anyway, CH can’t really had a good sleep on the plane. The airplane reached the Ngurah Rai International Airport @ Denpasar around 1.30pm. CH and Luna reached the Hotel in Kuta Town which is 5 minutes away from airport after cheated by the 100,000rp(RM40) Taxi.

After having their lunch at the nicely decorated warong next to their hotel, CH and Luna start their Half day Uluwatu and Garuda Wisnu Cultural Park trip. The rental of the driver and cab cost them 200,000rp(RM80). The journey from Kuta to Uluwatu takes around 1 and half hour. The journey was lengthy but it worth after CH and Luna reached Uluwatu. Uluwatu is a cliff at south-west of Bali. The scenery is picturesque with the high-rise cliff at seaside and the temple on the top of the cliff.

Dear Luna with the Temple on the cliff. Everyone must wear the golden belt to enter the holy temple. Short pant/skirt wasn’t allowed unless they wear the purple-colored sarong.

Picturesque cliff by seaside

Beware of the monkey when you walk along the cliff, they might steal your belonging, especially spectacle.

Hindu doing their preparing the praying ceremony in the temple.

The Ke-chek dance, a must watch dance performance in Bali.

The Balinese decoration by the Sunset

The end of the show, the Monkey King defeated the devil with the fire!

After the show the driver trying to brought CH and Luna to the famous seafood spot at Jimbaran. CH rejected it, the place is totally would not recommend by CH because CH already tried to dine at Jimbaran once. The food wasn’t good and very expensive! RM400 for four normal friend rice, one fried sotong and one fried fish. CH advise everybody to ask the driver send you back to Kuta(if you’re staying there) and try to look for restaurant around Kuta Town, there’re variety of good restaurant around there. CH choosen the restaurant called Pandan which is opposite to Discovery Mall.

The mocktail, forget the name already but it taste damn good!

The set dinner: Balinese Satay, Curry Chicken, dry fried mix vege, fried spring roll and BBQ prawn. CH and Luna loves the BBQ Prawn, especially the spicy sauce!

After dinner is around 10pm, ok, CH and Luna almost dropped because of tiredness. Went back to Hotel and slept like pig!!

31 October 2007

Oktober Fest @ One-U

It was really a wonderful experience of Oktober Fest in year 2005 in Munich, which a part of our(TARC AME Student) Europe travel itinery. Still remember everybody drunken with a 1 litre 8% Lowen-Brau Beer and expensive (RM100) Pork Knuckle.

Heard that the Local, KL-Oktober Fest will be held in One-u every October. I missed the 2006, so, there’s should be no reason to miss the Year 2007 one.

We (Pei Ling, Woody, Pei Shin, Jenson, Xiong) arrived there around 6pm. It’s quite surprised that the place already get full. Coz the event said to start at 5pm.

Anyway, more the merrier. It was glad that kinda lot of people know of the Oktober fest.

Just for info, Oktober fest is the beer fest for Germany. Therefore, variety of German Beer (which only have German Beer).

There’re some Beers which we manage to try(which is whatever Beers available at the fest:

1) Hoegardeen: One of the Most Famous German. We like it of it’s fragrance.
2) Becks: Little bit bitter, but it’s nice to drink with having spicy and salty meat.
3) Lowen-Brau: The Beer House which we enter during Oktober Fest in Munich.
4) Stella Artois: Famous Beer is Europe also. Quite smooth to drink.
5) Cranberries Beer: Dunno how exactly how the make the beer. Just know that the colour of the beer is slightly brownish dark.
6) Leffe: Sold out. But Thirsty CH Tan later someday already bought it and tried it at home. Nice to drink also.

Conclusion: “Whatever German Beers will be nice to drink.”

The Beers always best to drink with Heavy Meat. After eating the Meat, it is so enjoy to drink the beer to cool down, and all your Thirsty after eating the meat will be gone with a big big “Glurrp!”

The traditional dishes served during Oktober Fest are: Various kind of Sausages, Roast Pork, Pork Knuckle, and sour pickled-vegetable. Remember, whatever meat you’re having must drink with big big glass of beer!
There’s always a traditional German Band will be making some noice, and make the place warm by playing the traditional German Music. When I was in Munich, there’s someone who will be really get “High” until he/she will dance on the table. I’m surprised that the band in One-U Oktober Fest played the “Chicken Dance” song and chicken-danced, which we also enjoyed this cutie chicken-danced once in German.
We’re expecting next Oktober Fest Event to come. Please ready to grab a big glass of Beer with an extravaganza Sausages! Salute!