21 March 2008

Bangkok in big group

7 & 8 of March....

CH and big group in Pattaya. But unfortunately CH's harddisk which contain all the photo taken in Pattaya & Bangkok already "kong"(which mean total lost) due to unknown reason, and CH not manage to upload it. So all the photo in Pattaya will be in history.

(luckily CH found back the photos finally, please go to Travel - Pattaya)

9th March 2008....

After souvenir buying, forced to visit the gems factory, and lecture of a good honey and bee's production, CH and group was brought to the famous and largest market in Bangkok, the Chatchucak Market. Chatchucak market is a market selling variety of goods, from food to boots, especially the designer's goods. It's a paradise for young ladies, since most of the stall selling ladies' outfit. CH was quite impressed by the market here, since some of the goods, like painting, household items, boy's outfit and souvenir really well-designed.

Eddy and Furby walking into the Chatchuchat market.

The four-faced buddha in the middle of Chatchucak Market.

One of the bistro in the people-mountain-people-sea selling cocktails and thai food.

Eddy with the Phad Thai bought from the bistro

The ice shaving stall. Choose whatever stuff you wan and mix with the syrup and coconut milk!

Having this cooling mixed-ice in the hot and stuffy Chatchucak Market is a kind of true enjoyment.

Stalls selling snacks

After shopping in the Chatchucak Market, CH and group were brought to the world record holding restaurant to have their dinner, the restaurant is the largest in the world. But CH really disappoint of the quality of food they served. CH personally feels that the quality of foods is vital for a restaurant, don't care you're the largest or longest one.

After dinner, CH and group went to watch the "Tiger" show. Their stunts were really eye-opening! The "Tiger"s were doing much more better than the sex show in Amsterdam. Here's some stunts they performed:

1) Bottle opener
2) Bamboo Shooter
3) 7-up drinking, vomiting coke
4) Laying Turtle's egg
5) Ejection of sharp knife
6) Infinity Ribbon
7) and the boring ordinary human sex intercourse.... -.-

CH personally feels that their stunts were amazing, but the flow of the show and quality of the sound, visual effect and drinks they served really disappointing.

CH went back to hotel and have a good sleep after that. CH loves the hotel he stay tonight, which is Prince Palace Hotel. The interior of the hotel was magnificiently-decorated.

10 March 2008....

Woke up at 7.30am and breakfast at 8am. CH loves the breakfast served in this Hotel. There're variety choices of food.

After that they went to the Bangkok Safari World watching three shows:
1) Orang Utan show - The orang utan really clever and their show really funny.
2) Sea Lion show - The stunts of the sea lion really unbelievable
3) The Mexico's Cow Boy show - The show looks very real, and make lot of fun on the audience.

All the shows are worth watching.

One of the scene of cow boy show, showimg the dropping of wall onto the clumpsy character.

After the show, CH and group had a buffet lunch in the safari world. Although the food was buffet styled and serving to big amount of tourist, but the quality of food is good, especially chicken curry, stew pork knuckle, thai-styled noodle soup, and the mixed-ice.

After the satisfying buffet lunch, CH and group went into the Safari.

The "water-retaining-mouth" birds(anyone knows what this bird called?) rule by blocking our bus passage.

After safari visiting, CH and group went to the Mah-Boon Khong, which is the huge super market of Thailand selling various kind of thai's goods. Anyway, CH and Luna personally think the Chatchucak still better for shopping.

There's one eating place in MBK strongly recommended by CH, which is the Fifth Avenue at Fifth floor of MBK. There're several counter selling food from various countries. And the quality of the food they sell is very good.

This is the Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup selling at the Vietnam Counter.

The Spoils of War by Luna:

11 March 2008....

Today will be the final day CH in Bangkok. They're brought by the tour guide to a boat riding along the Chao Phraya River.
Wat Arun at the bank of the river

Fish feeding, there're lot of fishes in the river since Thai believe the fish are holy, and they don't catch it. Can see how big the fish is?

The boat for Group B. Quite dangrous when everybody come to one side for fish watching, and make the boat inbalance.

The magnificient Wat Arun

The unique exterior of the Wat. Thai believe that after you make prayer and walk 3 round along the perimeter of the wat will make your dream come true.

Dear Luna with the Wat

Layer and layer of the fine texture of the Wat

After the Wat Visiting and lunch, CH and Group was brought to the "King Power Duty Free Centre". The shopping centre was sophisticatedly renovated.

CH found this surprisingly:
1) The Pinot Noir from Domaince De La Romane Conti, The first-class wine producing region in Burgundy

2) The big 5 Chateaux from Bordeaux: Lafite, Mouton, Margaux, Latour, Haut Brion.

After that CH and group heading to Airport for their flight back to KL.

The early dinner they had which is quite delicious but expensive
1) Phad Thai again, in airport

2) The meat ball noodle soup, season the noodle soup by the way you like!

After early dinner, CH and Luna went immediately to the late boarding.
Ok, finally the Bangkok trip ended. It was 5 days trip but it seem very fast, just like a clip on eyes. CH and Luna did enjoy the trip, but the trip a quite rush, and was more family-oriented. Which mean not so suitable for CH and Luna. CH and Luna didn't really feel explored the Bangkok, next time they will go again and explore Bangkok on their own style!
Pok Kan Mai, Bangkok!

18 March 2008


Characteristic of a good FRENZ:

1) Together they Kiasu - Clockwise from left: Woody, Ah Yang, Eddy TSG, afraid that their muscle not big enough.

2) Together they spend a helping-hand whenever he/she need help

3) Together they post weird when taking Photo:



Albert Dock

Norfolk Park

4) Together they get drunk
2004 Christmas Party

2007 Christmas Party

And this guy got excited when see people get drunk!

5) Together celebrate birthday:
LZ at Bramall Court (23/6/2005), with the FRENZ from Liverpool on bottom left corner

Several ways to treat the birthday boy/gal:
a) Splash the cake on to their face:
Woody - 11th June 2004

b) LZ - 23rd June 2003

b) Drunk the borthday boy/gal:

Jerry SWS

c) Throw the birthday boy/gal into the pool:
CH - 24 April 2007, but finally everybody have to be thrown into the pool.

6) Together they suffer the hardtime:
Cold and windy late night waiting for last train to Liverpool

7) Together they show-"off", I mean, showing themselve by getting their panties-off!

8) Together they wear the same shirt
The “六星班”in Langkawi, Makam Mahsuri

The ME Group D gang in Manchester and Old Tradford
9) And "they never walk alone"
Liverpool 2005

04 March 2008

Pork Mix in 21st Miles of Kulai

2nd March 2008....

After the must-have breakfast in Kota Bharu, CH recently also addicted by the delicious breakfast in Luna's hometown - Kulai.

CH's favourite breakfast in Kulai is in the shop selling the Pork-mix with the Kuey-toew gravy. The shop is located at the 21st miles of the main road in Kulai.
Clockwise from top left: The three-layer of pork meat, the stew egg and toufu, the pig skin,
and the pig's ear. All the mentioned are nicely cooked and the taste of the stew completely mixed into the mentioned stuffs.

This is the keuy teow in the stew soup. There's also similar food in Penang. CH tasted it before. Anyway, CH thinks the Kulai one will be the winner.
Notice of the red coloured chilli with vinegar and garlic on the top right corner? Eat the kuey teow and pork mixs with the chilli, I bet you will top up the chilli again.

With all above pork mixs, 4 bowls of kuey teows, and two cups of tea, it costs only RM15.00. CH felt so good to stay in a small town. Cheap and delicious food!