27 May 2008

Kampachi @ Pavilion

27th May 2008...

CH decided to spend his RM25 Pavilion Voucher at Japanese Restaurant in Pavilion - Kampachi.

Kampachi is actually the Japanese restaurant for Hotel Equatorial. The Kampachi start their 1st restaurant outlet at Pavilion. CH heard from Furby that Kampachi is awarded one of the best Japanese Restaurant in Malaysia. Hmm... Must faster walk in to give it a try.

CH and Luna in the Kampachi

Kampachi offer nice and elegant dining atmosphere

The first dish: Appetizer: Shake Kawa Salad - Salad with Salmon skin and salmon roe with some "fu-juk"(deep fried beancurd skin), topped with the japanese sour sauce. CH loves the mixture of the sauce and the freshness of the salmon roe when it exploit on CH's tongue.

The second dish is Luna's favourite - Rainbow Maki - The sushi row with salmon, tuna and avocado. This maki was well-prepared and presented. Can see the colour of tuna, avocado and salmon forming the colour of rainbow. And mochiron desu(of course), this maki taste very nice.

The third dish is the Gyuniku Tataki, medium raw - The beef steak topped with japanese soy sauce, deer fried garlic and turnip.

The forth dish ordered by CH - Japanese Cutlet Curry Rice. This dish surprised all of them. The curry tastes really nice! It might be as tasty as CH's favourite indian curry. It will be listed in CH's "more eat more hungry" list. From CH and Luna taste bud, they guess it consists of two special ingredient, which is apple and coffee.

The fifth one ordered by Luna - Shake Oyako/Wakadori. It is the rice topped with fried salmon and salmon. Again, the tasty and fresh salmon, always that tasty. No need CH to talk much about it. From the ingredient CH thinks you guys can know how tasty it was. :P

The Shake Oyako/Wakadori comes together with 3 pieces of fried chicken.
Total bill for abovementioned dishes was RM 189.75. After minusing CH's RM25 voucher was RM 164.75. Oh yeah, all abovementioned dishes are for 3 person. Forget to mention Luna's colleague also joined CH and Luna for this dinner. All of them went to Bookfair at KLCC after that.
There're display of various kinds of japanese tea leaves at the entrance of Kampachi.

26 May 2008

Abit About First SLR and Minolta

First SLR created by Minolta in 1958.

1962, first SLR in space is Minolta Hi-Matic used by Astronaut John Glen, Minolta Hi-Matic equipment with rotatable view finder, which was suitable for zero gravity photographing.

"Somebody said that the first SLR is by Pentax?"

Yes, the first SLR was actually created by Pentax, ME-F four years before 1958. But their design was imcomplete. Therefore, a lot of photographer assume Minolta created the first SLR.

Until 1995, Minolta only introdued their first digital camera, RD-175 with 1.7 Megepixels, which was quite late behind other new brand.

After that, Konica Minolta was in the market. If the brand is good, why they need to merge with other brand?

19th January 2006, Minolta officailly closed down their production. March on the same year, they sold their business to Sony. So there's no more Minolta in market since that.

Source from :
资料摘自:小雨移花 - 蔡澜

Escape to Phuket - Day 1

18th May 2008....

Yeah Yeah, today CH and gang going to travel again. This time their destination is Phuket. They already booked the ticket half year ago when AirAsia offered the RM6 flight ticket promotion. Their air tic after airport tax is RM269.00, quite cheap right? This time the trip consists of Luna, CH, Furby, Eddy, Tyng Yan, Hui Mei and Wen Yaw.

The flight was at 3.25pm. Around 1pm, they already reach airport. After checking in, they went to McD to have their lunch.

Thr first day itinery was simple because they will reach Phuket around 4.30pm. After checking in hotel is already 5.30pm. The first day itinery:

1) Walk around Patong beach and look for tour package to Phi Phi Island and Jams Bond Island.
2) Dinner
3) Leisure walk around the Patong Beach and some shopping
4) Massage Hour

Everybody busy filling the arrival form of Thailand.

The flight took around 1 hour. Here they are! In the Phuket Airport! Luna and impatient Eddy say Hi to you all while waiting for the luggage.

They seperate into two team to take cab to the Hotel called Club Bamboo at Nanai Road in somewhere around Patong Beach. The cab cost them RM50 per cab. Try to negotiate with the taxi company before you hire a cab. Glad to see the cab is Toyota Altis, which is quite comfortable for them. Unlike in Malaysia using the local made old car.

Checking in Hotel time. The sui jing jing Hotel staff briefing us about the Hotel but naughty Eddy keep on kacauing(disturbing) the hotel staff.

Wow! The rooms interior were good! A traditionally Thai & resort designed room.

After settle down in the Hotel, the hotel offered them a freeride to the Patong Beach. The Taxi dropped them at Thaweewong Beach Road, which is the most happening street in Patong beach. This is somewhere they purchase the tour package.

The packages as below:

1) full day Maya Island, Viking Cave, Monkey Beach, Phi Phi Don Island, and Khai Island with 3 engine speed boat - 1200 Thai Bath per head.

2) full day James Bond Island, Phanak Island canoeing trip, and some cave and some snorkelling spot with ferry - 1100 Thai Bath.

Kind advise for travellers: Please try to negotiate as much as possible (as much as 60% discount) before you purchase. The high price offered is to "slice" the rich & juicy caucasion.

After some searching around, they decided to dine at this restaurant at Soi Dr. Wattana Road. The interior was nicely decorated.

The very kind owner of the restaurant welcoming them with thi F.O.C appetizer. Don't really know what is that. But it really tasty! CH guess it was the pork and squid meat mix wrapped in seaweed with the spicy thousand island sauce. Thanks to the very kind owner offered them another plate F.O.C after they request one more plate.

CH ordered the Pina Colada. Coconut juice with Rum and bla bla bla....

Singgah Beer is a must try in Thailand. Best to have the beers with all those spicy food.

The green curry chicken. The basil leave taste really strong.

The Thai style glass noodle salad. Yummy! The appetize-stimulating appetizer!

The duck breast meat curry cooked with fruits (Pineapple and grape). The curry taste fruit-full! CH love this special fruit-full flavour.

A typical Thai dish. The stir fried minced pork with basil leave and chillies.

Tyng Yan have this Mai Tai.

The prawn cooked with glass noodle in pot. The essence of the prawn complete absorbed into the glass noodle.

A must have soup in every Thai Meal - Tom Yam Gung. The restauranteur prepapred them a white tom yam. Really enough spicy, sour and flavourful. They did it much more better than the one CH had in Bangkok.

And the final one is typical Thai steam fish. The siakap steamed in lemon sauce. A mouthwatering dish with plenty of chilli and lemon sauce.

After dinner, they have some walk around the Patong Beach by the while did some shopping. Luna bargaining with the seller but finally the seller reject to give Luna the favourable price.

Becareful! Some drunken fellow crossing the road across the famous clubbing street.

All along the street can easily find the well-decorate store and restaurant selling nice and cheap(if you're good in bargaining) foods and goods.

According to the advise of the driver, CH and gang entered the Band-la Road, which is famous of varieties of pubs and disco with tons of ah gua. (Transsexual human)

Ah Gua dancing on the stage to attract customer.

Did some effect by simply rotating the camera while releasing the shutter.

The typical 灯红酒绿 Pub in Phuket.

Three 男人老狗 in the middle of hangkie pangkie Band-la Road.

Young, Sexy and Beautiful Thau girls attracting pedestrian to enter their caberet show.

Taken at the end of the Band-la Road

The tsunami evacuation route for the tourist as a precaution to the tsunami.

Have you seen this McD "uncle" before? Sawadeekaaa

CH and gang unintentionally walk into this ally(which is two street before the Band-la Road) which full with massage shop. What a conincidence as they're looking for massage.

All of them choose this shop. The owner happy until laugh until mouth cannot close. Anyway, some out of the gang not used to their pinky attire and their worth-guessing sexual identity.

Anyway, the massage was a nice one and only cost them RM20 for 1 hour. After the stress releasing massage, the gang already sleepy and went back to Hotel by riding a tuk tuk(150bath per ride, but the Hotel just 5 minutes away! It was expensive) for a good night sleep.

Escape to Phuket - Day 2

19th May 2008.....

Today is the second day of their Phuket Trip. Today's itinery will be Speed Boat trip to Phi Phi Island, Maya Bay, and Khai Island.

7.30pm Malaysia time they already woke up for the sumptous breakfast. It was nicely prepared by the Club Bamboo Hotel. The fried egg, beacon, potato salad, and ham were really nice.

CH and gang at the dock for speedboat.

After 1 hour bumpy and tanning ride of speedboat, they reached the Maya Bay, which the movie <> took scene. CH preparing to dive into the deep blue sea like Leonardo Dicarprio.

CH and Luna under the cliff at Maya Bay

CH enjoyed taking photo with his G9 while riding the speedboat

Vroom.... The speedboat heading to another spot.

The viking cave

The monkey beach which full of monkey fed by tourists

And then they went to Phi Phi Don Island. CH and gang found nothing fantastic there. =.=
They didn't stay long at the Phi Phi Don Island. They went to another Island which is Khai Island, which mean Egg Island. OMG, the speedboat took another 45 minutes to the Khai Island. And finally they made it. Khai Island is a very small island and with very nice reef around the island.
Rainbow Umbrella and lazy chair around the island.
Gastric-disordering lunch provided by the Khai Island Restaurant. Unfresh fish and smelly shrimp. Wish that the Restaurant could pay serious attention to this for their restaurant long-term survival.

After the lousy lunch, the gang relax on the beach. Eddy enjoying the nice scenery at the cloth selling stalls.
This is actually what a "nice scenery" Eddy enjoying.

CH going to do some snorkelling again.
Some Aussie.
CH and Luna before leaving the island.

Thanks to this mighty speedboat sailor for assisting us during the speedboat ride.
When they reach hotel was already 6pm. After did some washing/bathing, they went out to hunting for food again. This time they went to second street of Patong Beach, which is Rat Uthit Road. They decided to had some road side stall's food for their dinner.
Sad to said that this stalls overcharging CH and gang.
Some local specialties recommended by CH:
1) Phad Thai - Fried Local Beehun in Thai style
2) Pork Noodle soup, and CH strongly recommend to add as much curry powder & fish concentrate as possible into the clear soup
3) Stew Pork Knuckle with pickle vegetable and white rice
4) Kuey Teow Phad - The local version of Char Kuey Teow (Fried Kuey Teow)
5) Beef Noodle soup
6) Tom Yam Gung (Thai spicy herbs soup)
7) Green Curry Chicken with white rice
8) Spring rolls
9) Deep Fried "Puyoh"(Bird)
10) Local Made Sausages
After dinner and some walk around the Rat Uthit Road, they found lot of nice and cheaper goods if compared to first street - Thaweewong Road. For travellers' information, the shopping complex Jungceylon Mall is a good place to explore also. They selling cheap Sport goods, and tons of Thai handicraft and souvenir at the LG Floor.
After the walkaround, they went to massage again, This time they choose the Traditional Thai massage (@ 200 bth for 1 hr), which was challenging for "stoned"-body. Luckily CH got a good messeur again this time. The masseur master massaged CH like performing a professional Yoga session. Enjoyi!

Conclusion for today's itinery:
1) Phi Phi Island trip is more suitable for snorkelling and outdoor activities lovers because along the speedboat ride and stopover, the sunshine really strong and will got a strong tan.
2) Redang and Perhentian at Malaysia(or preferably Sipadan Island at Sabah) is a better choice compared to Phi Phi Island.