18 February 2009

My very first digital work

Just to share one of my very first digital photography work. The photo taken by Fuji 0.6 Megapixel digicam bought in year 1998. At that time, 0.6 MPS is like very geng already. The file name is DSCF0004. Unbelievable, this is my fourth photo since I've started digital photography.

15 February 2009

2/2/2009 - A day to be remembered

Haha, finally managed to get my blog updated. Sorry for those who was waiting my blog until their neck is long liao.

2/2/2009 - A day to be remembered

Today morning woke up at 7am then go to McD for a hearty breakfast.

Then they went to KWSP to settle their EPF thingy,

then they went to Sri Hartamas to do some shopping,

and then they went to Mid Valley for lunch at delicious korean Country Food @ The Garden, LG.

Korean Rice Cake with sweet and spicy sauce.

The side dishes are F.O.C.

Delicious Korean Kimchi Pancake. Love it!

and then they went for some shopping(again) in Mid Valley megamall. They splitted up, and CH was trying to find something special for Luna.

After a two hours shopping, they went to a coffee shop called The Cova at The Gardens.

And then they ordered Salad with Portobello mushroom which they found the mushroom was really delicious.

And then CH alone went to choose the cake,
and then CH passed the waiter a small red colour box,
and then the waiter offered CH to decorate the cake nicely with the red-coloured-box.

And then they waited for so long for the cake to be served. Luna almost canceled the order. :P

And then the cake(together with the ring inside the red-coloured-box) were served.(finally)

And then CH was holding Luna's hand and spoke to Luna:" How long have we met?" "Two years plus", "This 2 years was the most contented moment in my life, so why not we just let that kind of feeling continues, and let's be together for the future."

"Will you marry me?"

and then Luna nodded.


And then thousand of "Yes!" Kept on repeating in CH's mind.

What a wonderful day!
Thanks to KL government for announcing 2/2/2009 as a holiday.
Thanks to the Jewellery sales person.
Thanks to the Cova's staff.
Thanks to my frenz who've always been supporting me.
Thanks to my Dad, Mum, and Sis who were always be at my side all the time.

And finally thanks to god who made CH met Luna.