28 June 2008

Bombay Palace

26th June 2008....

Today after work, CH went to Bombay Palace for dinner. Bombay Palace is a chain restaurant selling fine north Indian cuisine. They exist in USA, Canada, UK, Hungary and Malaysia. The Malaysia outlet is located on the busiest road in Malaysia, Jalan Tun Razak.

The difference between South and North Indian food is:
a) North Indian Food doesn't serve on Banana Leaves
b) North Indian Food not as spicy as south Indian food
c) North Indian Food is prder to make
d) North Indian Food is much more expensive than South Indian food!

The appetizer:
Papadam with 5 choices of sauces - 4/5 pts
Luna's favourite: Long Island Ice Tea, anyway, this one not up to Luna's expectation.

CH must have beer with the spicy food
The 2nd appetizer: Salad with Indian Yogurt dressing - 4/5 pts

And here start the main course with Naan:
Tikka Fish - 3.5/5 pts
Tandoori Chicken - 4/5 pts
Red bean cooked in unknown sauce - 3.5/5 pts
Semosa - 4/5 pts
Naan, the "roti" to wrap with the dishes - 4/5 pts

And here start the 2nd main course, with Basmati Rice - 4/5 pts:
Mutton Curry cooked with Pineapple - Nice! The mutton really soft - 4.5/5 pts.
Black Bean Dharl - 4/5 pts.
The Indian waiter dressed in North Inidian attire serving the food.
Chicken Curry - 4/5 pts.

Cheese in Spinach - 3/5 pts.
And this is...... already forget what is it la...
One of CH's fren sweats until he looked like this:
Aha! And here it comes the dessert, Mango Ice Cream! Really delicious, the mango taste really "kaw" - 4.5/5 pts
The menu printed with Indian drawing

The interior of the restaurant was nice decorate in North Indian style

Some awards won by Bombay Palace
When CH left the restaurant, it was raining heavily

19 June 2008

CH's small pieces of work - June 08

Some of CH's small pieces of work - June 08 series:

Lady's accessories shop at Ikano

Flower Shop at Ikano

Mini Roses in IKEA

"Paradise Bird" at Pelangi Utama

Small small flower (< href="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_yiBf-ZE5Yu8/SFoTQ5-mkXI/AAAAAAAACVc/sKuPhCNswuE/s1600-h/IMG_3469.jpg">

Just simply try and shoot this. The winds seem like playing fool with me. When about to release Shutter, the winds start blowing, shaking the whole plant.

All Shots by Canon G9

Pak Li 3rd Trial

15th June 2008....

Sunday evening, after ping-ponging with Yang Yang and Ah Mei, CH and them went to Pak Li again. And here're some new foods they tried out:

1) Cendol @ RM 2.50. The Gula Melaka serves seperately which enable one to fill the Gula Malaka according to his/her taste. 4/5 stars.

2) Mee Goreng Mamak @ RM 4.80. They did it better than the usual mamak! 4.5/5 stars.

Chinese Hawkers' Centre Food @ Sea Park, 21, PJ

15th June 2008...

Last Sunday CH went to this famous and crowded Chinese Hawkers' Centre at Sea Park(21 or Taman Paramount) in PJ, which opposite of the Caltex petrol station. The Hawkers' Centre notably crowded and took time for CH to find a place to sit. But nevermind. The food in crowded restaurant usually quality guaranted.

1) Noodle in Curry mixed with Penang Asam Laksa soup. CH used to eat this in Taiping. If the Taiping one got 5 stars, this one deserves 4.5 stars.

2) The Chee Cheong Fan (steam rice clothes) with "Har-gou"(Prawn Sauce). "Har-gou" wasn;t common in KL. And this stall did it quite well. Anyway, not many people love to the taste of "har-gou". 4 stars.

There're local food which worth trying, such as: Prawn noodle(try the "cham-loh), Ipoh sliced chicken kuey-teow, the eggs tarts and nyonya kuey(cake), especially the purple coloured glutous rice, beef noodle and bla bla bla....

It's very hard to find a Hawkers' Centre which have all the nice loca foods. Luckily CH can found one in KL/PJ. Thanks to Woody for introducing this Hawkers' Centre to CH.

Will update more photo after CH went food hunting at this stalls centre again next time.

16 June 2008

La Bodega, Telawi Street, Bangsar

14th June 2008....

CH and Luna went to La Bodega for some celebration!

La Bodega is a Spanish Food Restaurant, located at Jalan Telawi, Bangsar. And they have another 2 outlet, one at Pavilion, and another one in Bangsar Shopping Complex. CH was introduced to this restaurant by his manager for their delicious seafood rice, Paella. Which already become one of CH's favourite.

Heard from Luna and CH's manager, La Bodega famous for their breakfast as well, especially the English breakfast and waffles. Erm, must go try out someday.

CH had the 500ml Konig Ludwig, German Beer. German beer always so special with their unique fragrant found in the beer. 4/5 stars.
Luna had the Long Island Ice Tea. Anyway, Luna found that they overdose the hard liquor, and too sweet. 3/5 stars.
The Spanishly decorated interior.
Slow cook beef with asparagus. Beef so so only, but the spicy tomato topping is nice. 3.5/5 stars.
Grill Sardine with sauteed sauce. Nice sardine with the sauce. Something like the malay Ikan Percik. 4/5 stars.

The next 3 are CH & Luna favourites. Every time they come here sure will order these:
Chicken Liver Pate(Paste). It comes with Spanish bread to spread with the pate(paste). The taste of the chicken liver really strong. 4.5/5 stars.
Mojo Picon - Paparika chili sauce, to be dipped with toasted bread. 4.5/5 stars
The bread, served toast or untoasted.
And finally this is the Crab Meat Paella! CH tasting this for the first time. Before this CH only tasted the seafood paella, which cooked with prawns, clam and squid.
Surprisingly, CH found the the Crab Meat Paella is more tasteful than the seafood paella. Please do not be surprised if you found that the rice is little hard, cause it used to be that way. 4.8/5 stars!

After the meal, CH & Luna ordered another cocktail - Mojito 4.5/5 stars. This one worth recommending. La Bodega did it quite well.

Although the foood in La Bodega is quite pricey, but it is a nice place for friend to hang around with nice Spanish food and nice environment.