30 December 2007

X-mas Countdown Party @ CH's house

Hi, is glad that this year(2007) x-mas countdown party still can be carried on at my house at Bandar Putra Permai like we used to do when I was still in 2nd year of my Advance Diploma at TARC.
This time we're practising "pot-luck" in American or "Bring-a-plate" in Australia which mean everyone bring their own food/snack/drink to be shared in the party.
I wish to take this opportunity to thank all my fellow frens for contributing their delicacies as following:
Luna & Mei : 2 variety of Pasta & Vege Salad
Woody & GF & Yali : Fruit Salad with Yogurt Dressing
Eddy & SioRu: Delicious Mint Cheese Cake and two bottle of Big Carlsberg
Ah Sien & Peggy: 2 Bottle of Red Wine, of which 1 bottle of them is finished up by sien himself
Jenson Chai: 1 Bottle of Chile PKNT Red Wine
LZ: Chekedis
Kathan Yang: Honeydew & Watermelon, which should be exist in covers one's eye and hit the fruit by the beach.
My sister: Her lovely Nono(cutie Shih Tzu doggie).
And finally me: Fried Chicken, ice-wine and Varieties of Liquors.
As usual, the plateux of the party still the "who lose, who drink" session. We always enjoy playing that since is very fun to see one drunken and started to talk loud, laugh loud, and bring the party to the hottest one. This time we manage to play the "huh-mieh", "007-biang!" and "one silly frog drop into the water, two silly frog.... bla bla bla..."

When the clock proceeding to 12 midnight, we had our mini-sized countdown session.Though it wasn't as noisy as bukit bintang or the curve, the countdown still going on with full of warmth and peacefullness.

After that is a gift exchange session. This time I've got the wooden deer-shaped greeting card holder, the deer which mean the gift is from little deer(SioRu). And wish everybody enjoy on the gift they got also.

The "who lose, who drink" still go on after that......

Until everyone becoming like this:

Anyway, we still manage to capture whole-family photo before everyone K.O.
After tonight we all still big big boys and big big girls. So wish everybody merry christmas! May your life full with joy and happy on what you will be in year 2008.!
Somemore photo taken on that night:

Eddy with Cutie SioRu

Two pervert gay fellows

Let me and Luna cheer up your christmas with this little mint cheese cake.