30 March 2009

Earth hour at Las Carretas

28th March 2009...

"I got to know one of a very nice Mexican in KL. Let us dine at this restaurant this weekend." Told CH to two of his friends.

This restaurant called Las Carretas. It makes decent and fine Mexican delicacy.

Let's start the dinner!

Magarita is never been forgotten for a Mexican dinner. They order a pitcher!

Nachos is never to be left out too! They've made a flavourful and interesting one.

Another CH's favourite, Mussel in Coriander and Habanero. The stock is just irresistable. CH usually end it up by wiping the bottom of the bowl with the "bread"(or tortilla) given.

Mushroom soup with white truffle oil. CH wished to apply the same method of finishing up this soup like the earlier one. The white truffle oil is quite similar to smell of "petrol". CH is just simply loving it.

Let's take part in the Earth Hour. Save our earth.

The Wagyu cheek is served after that. I think CH doesn't need to explain much about this. The tenderness of the meat is just unbelievable. The meat can be splitted by pressing it by your tongue. The meat was a fat and juicy one.

CH had the Veal Zurichoise.
"Sautéed Strips of Veal Striploin Tossed with Button Mushrooms & Accompanied with Dauphinoise Potato, Romaine LettucePerfumed with Olive Oil, Rocket Lettuce & Shaved Romano Cheese." as describe in the menu. The veal meat is unbelievably soft and tender as well.

Karen had the beef fajitas.

"Their vegetables are really a fresh one. And the beef is nicely cooked."

The dinner end with:"We will definitely come back to this restaurant again, is there any outlet in KL city?"

Yes, they do. More info please go to http://www.lascarretas.com/.

29 March 2009


29th March 2009....

Some shooting at KTM :P

A cozy Sunday afternoon at Telawi Street Bistro

7 March 2009....

"It's been a while since we last shooping in Bangsar." Luna说。

去Shopping之前不把肚子医饱怎么行?去Telawi Street Bistro吧。Luna之前又来过,食物不错一下。



前菜沙拉现在才端上来 =.=还好他们把它弄得还不错。

振鸿今日最喜欢的菜 - 章鱼墨汁西班牙海鲜饭。振鸿只想一粒一粒慢慢的吃掉它。一大口吃掉太可惜了。


Pan Mee @ SS19, Subang Jaya

24 March 2009...

It has been a while since CH last visit the Pan Mee at SS19. The taste still as good as last time. CH only had the small one, not choice, because of he is still on diet. Tummy is growing bigger and bigger due to a lot of entertainment. :P

24 March 2009

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta @ Putrajaya P2

22 March 2009...

Today is the last day for the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta at Putrajaya P2.
Thanks to Dick and Jerry and Beh for pulling me out to this colourful and joyful event.

This was a "people mountain people sea" event.

Children's most cheerful moment to see all these balloons inflated.

Hot air balloon raising up into the sky

Today, the Putrajaya's sky is balloonsful

Shooting of the hot air into the balloon.

Exhausted Photographer(come on la, how will you exhausted with the 70-200 f2.8L on hand?)

Couple love taking photo

Let your hopes and wishes raise together with the balloon.

Malaysian Ballooners struggling hard to get the balloon raised.

And finally... It left the surface of the earth.

At a corner by the lake side

A kid and a sunset

Haha, this is one of CH's most satisfied work today.