12 September 2006

2nd Trip to Bali - CH's company Trip

Just came back from Bali's trip. Eventhough is my 2nd trip, I also enjoy a lot there and try out different thing.

Bali is definitely a place to travel coz have lot of fun there. 90% of the local Balinese is Hindu. Therefore everywhere in the Bali we can see the temple. Their building is also mostly affect by hindu's architecture, which attracting the tourist the most. Everyone would become millionaie over there coz their currency exchange rate is extremely high, which 1 USD = Rp 9200, RM 1= Rp 2450.

Bali is also a paradise for shopping. Coz the goods they selling is really cheap. The price would be different from place to place. Kuta will be more expensive. Try to find outsouvenir at cheaper price out of Kuta, such as outside of famous temple. And remember to bargain as much as possible!

Below are some place I recomend to go:

Kuta -
Kuta is the City Center of Bali. It is on the seaside, can do surfing, sun bathing, and there're lot of hotel, pub and disco along the seaside.
Most people will stay in Kuta since the night life there is more interesting. Mercure Hotel is one of my recommendation. I tried to surf for first time. It is very hard to get up on the surf board. I only manage to get up on the board for few times but it is worth trying.

Swimpool at the Roof Top of Mercure Hotel

Tanah Lot -
Tanah Lot is a must-go destination in Bali. It is located 1 hour driving distance north from Kuta. It is famous of it's Temple on the sea. And you can have nice sunset view in Tanah Lot.

Tanah Lot Temple on the Sea

Uluwatu -
Uluwatu is also 1 hour driving from Kuta, at the south of Bali. You can have picturesque view at the more than 100m cliff at seaside. There's also a temple on the cliff. With the entrance of Rp 17,000 per person, you can have the"kecak" dance performance(which is consider boring or hard to understand for some person). However I feel it worth a watch since it is special and we only can watch it in Bali.

Kintamani -
Kintamani is famous for the lake and volcano, which is still alive. The weather there is cold coz it is at highland. Malaysian would love this weather coz already bored with hot weather. When on the way going to Kintamani, the tourguide will always drop by some silver, souvenir and art gallery. Some of them will be more expensive then other shop, but the goods will be more delicate.

When on the way back to Kuta, tour guide or driver will also drop by the Monkey's Temple. Buy some peanuts and starting feeding the hungry monkey. But please take care of all your personal belongings! The Monkeys always seem very interested to it!

Lake Kintamani

Elephant Cave Temple

Monkey asking for more kacang from me

Nusa Dua -
I didn't been to Nusa Dua, but it is worth to mention. Nusa Dua is different from Kuta Beach, coz it is place for water sport, like jet-ski, banana boat, parachute speed boat. The sea water also very clear and good for snorkelling, scuba diving and can have a glass bottom boat.

There're other place are worth visiting if you have extra time like: Bedugul, Geweka National Park, Taman Ayun(Mengwi Temple).

The local tourguide always arrange Bedugul trip and Tanah Lot trip in same day. On the way to Bedugul, you can ask the driver to bring you to watch the barong dance show.

Bedugl Temple on the Lake

Barong Dance

There're some food u can try out: Nasi Campur(Dulang Restaurant in Kuta, next to Matahari), Local Beef noodle soup, Teh Botol, Balinese Satay.

And at night time, try to walk around Kuta Town, you'll be surprised that there're lot of special restaurant in Bali. And the cocktail over Bali is selling cheap. Try out as many kind of food and cocktail as you can!

Wish u all would enjoy your trip in Bali!