31 October 2007

Oktober Fest @ One-U

It was really a wonderful experience of Oktober Fest in year 2005 in Munich, which a part of our(TARC AME Student) Europe travel itinery. Still remember everybody drunken with a 1 litre 8% Lowen-Brau Beer and expensive (RM100) Pork Knuckle.

Heard that the Local, KL-Oktober Fest will be held in One-u every October. I missed the 2006, so, there’s should be no reason to miss the Year 2007 one.

We (Pei Ling, Woody, Pei Shin, Jenson, Xiong) arrived there around 6pm. It’s quite surprised that the place already get full. Coz the event said to start at 5pm.

Anyway, more the merrier. It was glad that kinda lot of people know of the Oktober fest.

Just for info, Oktober fest is the beer fest for Germany. Therefore, variety of German Beer (which only have German Beer).

There’re some Beers which we manage to try(which is whatever Beers available at the fest:

1) Hoegardeen: One of the Most Famous German. We like it of it’s fragrance.
2) Becks: Little bit bitter, but it’s nice to drink with having spicy and salty meat.
3) Lowen-Brau: The Beer House which we enter during Oktober Fest in Munich.
4) Stella Artois: Famous Beer is Europe also. Quite smooth to drink.
5) Cranberries Beer: Dunno how exactly how the make the beer. Just know that the colour of the beer is slightly brownish dark.
6) Leffe: Sold out. But Thirsty CH Tan later someday already bought it and tried it at home. Nice to drink also.

Conclusion: “Whatever German Beers will be nice to drink.”

The Beers always best to drink with Heavy Meat. After eating the Meat, it is so enjoy to drink the beer to cool down, and all your Thirsty after eating the meat will be gone with a big big “Glurrp!”

The traditional dishes served during Oktober Fest are: Various kind of Sausages, Roast Pork, Pork Knuckle, and sour pickled-vegetable. Remember, whatever meat you’re having must drink with big big glass of beer!
There’s always a traditional German Band will be making some noice, and make the place warm by playing the traditional German Music. When I was in Munich, there’s someone who will be really get “High” until he/she will dance on the table. I’m surprised that the band in One-U Oktober Fest played the “Chicken Dance” song and chicken-danced, which we also enjoyed this cutie chicken-danced once in German.
We’re expecting next Oktober Fest Event to come. Please ready to grab a big glass of Beer with an extravaganza Sausages! Salute!